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Contributions to SF Korean American Museum (SFKAM)

The SF Korean American Museum is the result of grassroots efforts to establish an archive that will eventually collect and house all available items that relate to Korean immigrants experience in and around San Francisco and the Bay Area. The museum also offers exhibitions, lectures and workshops relating to Korean history and culture. For these purposes, the museum would like to ask you to support us by contributing cultural items, services or money.  Thank you in advance for your generous contributions.
Pledge Information
I/We pledge: [  ] $20   [  ] $50 [  ] $100 [  ] $200 [  ] $ 300 [  ] $500 [  ] $1,000[  ] $5,000 Or [  ] more in the amount of $_______________to be paid [   ] now [   ] monthly [   ] quarterly   [   ] yearly
I/We pledge a cultural item(s) ____________________________ available to SFKAM when the museum is ready to receive them.
I/We would like to be a volunteer(s) in support of the Museum.Name and contact information (phone no., e-mail address, address)
[   ] I/We wish to have our gift remain anonymous. Please make checks payable to: SFKAM, 91 Santa Barbara Rd. #26, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

If you have any questions, please contact:

Eun Kyung Jung, Chair (650-630-2860, info@sfkam.org) or

In Kyong Chong, Treasurer (415-517-3544)

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